Your help is requested to identify the persons in following Cornell photos.

These are either in my possession, or I know where they are.

The object is to return them to family members if any can be found.

Please e-mail me if you have any ideas.

The following is described as a "cabinet photo" and was taken by Galloway in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The subject is "Mr. JOHN CORNELL" who is identified on the back. Below his name in different handwriting and ink is "Uncle of G.S.R."

John Cornell

The subject of this photo is identified in pencil on the back as "MARY CARNELL" or perhaps Cornell and looks to be of the period of about 1900-1915.

There are no other clues, and it's unknown if this was her maiden or married name.

Mary Cornell

Two Cornell ladies and possibly sisters, "Etta and Jennie Cornell." Their names are on the backs of the photos and in the same handwriting.

These were part of a group of six photos purchased at the same time, three of which came from the Rochester, NY area.

Two of the men were identified Cornwell men who lived there, and the third is below. There is no indication these two ladies were from there.

All six are CDVs or "cartes-de-visite" (visiting cards).

Does anyone have a clue to period these are from based on their hairstyles and dress?

Etta Cornell Jennie Cornell

Also part of those CDV photos was one of a "John Cornell."

The photographer also named on the back was M.H. Monroe of Rochester who was active there during the Civil War period, 1855-65.

John Cornell

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